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Math Resources

Math Interactives for Grades 3-6

Math Interactives for Grades 7-12

Algebra vs The Cockroaches

Number Line Activities
Equation Match
Planet Hop (coordinates)
Algebra Connect Four
Variable Math
Algebra Vocabulary
Power Lines
Algebra Solutions

Theseus and the Minotaur

Fractions - Decimals - Percents - Ratios  

Equivalent Fractions


More Equivalent Fractions


Visual Fractions


The Factor Game


Fraction Soccer Shootout


Working with Ratios


Integer Connect Four


Maze Game


Fractions - Decimals - Percents

Geometry Sites  

Geometry Terms

Choose your method

Measuring Angles
Good protractor practice

Alien Angles

Estimate angle measurement.

Tangram Game

Build different shapes

Polygon Matching Game
Concentration-like matching.

Perimeter Explorer

Just like the name says.

Maze Coordinates

X or Y

Puzzle Parlor

Tons of Puzzles

Are you obtuse?
Isometric Drawing Tool
Cool tools for creating 3-d shapes
Explore more sites
A whole list of geometry sites
You can also explore the programs in the TERC folder on your dock.

Math Fact Review  

Math Fact Fungame

Quick practice of all facts.

Math Baseball

Practice basic math facts.

Multiplication Blaster

How good is your aim?

Tic Tac Toe Squares

Try to beat the computer.

Math Magician

How fast can you answer the facts?

Planet Blaster

Two digit addition practice

Multiplication Concentration

How good is your Memory?

Factmonster Flashcards

Just the facts please.

Who Wants to be a Mathonaire?

A bit more challenging.