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The 2015-16 Grade Two Curriculum Overview

Units Covered:

Social Studies: Hopi Native Americans, Ghana, Japan

Science: Nutrition and Digestion, Motion, Food Webs, Soil and Earthworms


Think Math builds students’ conceptual and procedural
understanding in the following five content areas:

✔ Computation (number, operation, and quantitative reasoning)
✔ Algebra (patterns, relationships, and algebraic thinking)
✔ Geometry (shape, orientation, and spatial sense)
✔ Measurement (time, money, length, area, temperature, weight, volume)
✔ Data (probability, statistics, and data representation)

Think Math Curriculum

Language Arts: Reading Activities, Reading Skills and Strategies, The Writing Process, Writing Activities, Writing Skills, Spelling

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Sep 20, 2012, 4:51 PM